The specialist in snacks for dogs & cats

Homepicture 1The best treats shop for dogs & cats in the whole of Europe can be found in Renswoude (NL) and is called Scholtus Special Products (SSP). Scholtus Special Products is the specialist when it comes to rewards for pets. From bones to tasty treats with something extra (vitamins, medicines) to jerky (meat strips) or a twisted tri-coloured chew stick, this is where all sorts of tasty things are thought up and manufactured for your dog and cat. Over a period of more than 15 years Scholtus Special Products has developed into one of the market leaders in the domain of reward snacks. As one of the biggest private pet food labellers in Europe the company produces thousands of kilos of treats, chews, sticks and bones every day. The list of private labels for supermarkets and pet shops is vast.

Variety, thatís how you reward your dog and cat

Homepicture 2Scholtus knows this like no one else, and thatís why the product developers are always looking for new tastes, variations, shapes and additives. Each and every day! Within the four product groups new items are regularly added to the range. Even better, tastier and healthier. Responding to market demand is second nature to Scholtus Special Products, but new innovative products are also continually emerging from its own product development department. And to be able to make these products we adapt or build our own production machines. The broad technological knowledge present in the company offers great flexibility.

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