Celebrating 40 years as the industry’s leading pet treats partner


Scholtus Special Products b.v. celebrates its 40 years anniversary.

Since 1981 pet-parents and their dogs and cats have enjoyed the products of Scholtus. Started as one of the first European producers of snacks and treats, Scholtus has developed rapidly and developed a strategic partnership with leading retailers in Europe, Russia and the USA.

Always looking at the latest trends and developments, we conclude that the snack and food market is characterised by increasing humanisation and premiumisation. People want the best for their pet and demand human-grade pet snacks. At the same time snacks are also an important impulse buy article on the shelve for retailers. Scholtus responds to both calls with a continuous drive for innovation, which is essential in order to develop winning concepts. For Scholtus, pet’s health and sustainability are paramount. That’s why they deliberately add no sugar or salt and no soya or palm to their products. Palatability is triggered by other sources. Scholtus started in the market with no grain products for more than ten years ago already.

Scholtus wants to thank all their customers for their trust, loyalty and collaboration during the past 40 years. We feel privileged and joyful to work with you. Much obliged to you for confiding in us. Together we set ambitious goals and strive for successful business and optimize results.