We are one of the first European producers of snacks and treats

Scholtus’ Philosophy

What we know at Scholtus is that a pet is not just a pet. Our pets are family. Our pets are important to us, just like our customers. By developing our category management and offering concepts rather than “just products” we try to support our customers the best way possible.

A continuous drive for innovation is essential in order to develop winning concepts. For Scholtus Special Products B.V. innovation is therefore key. A full focus on treats for dog and cat, own research at universities, looking beyond borders, listening to our customers and all the consumers around us, enables us to continue playing a leading role in our market.


Scholtus’ History

We are one of the first European producers of snacks and treats. Since 1981 pet-parents and their dogs and cats have enjoyed our products.

From 1981 until now Scholtus Special Products B.V. has developed rapidly. In the 1980’s we started the production of natural treats. Our production of semi-moist extruded multi-colored snacks started in the 1990’s.

Since 2004 we are producing to the human food standard, starting with the IFS certification, followed in 2008 by the BRC accreditation. We have maintained both certificates ever since.

Scholtus acquired Proline Petfood in 2011. With buying Proline Petfood we inherited the Boxby brand. Boxby is a leading brand only being sold at pet specialty stores across Europe. We also added Mr Goodlad as a successful brand for the retail.

In 2014 and 2015, we increased our production capability by adding more production and packaging lines. In 2015 our production of the grain free semi-moist treats started. We also finalized a project to develop the perfect cat snack. This led to the launch of Miss Purfect in 2016!

The acquisition of Teeling’s snack activities in 2019 significantly strengthened Scholtus’ business and facilitated the next stage expansion.

During the years 2019-2022 Scholtus doubled its production capacity in semi moist treats and invested heavily in machinery to produce vacuum packed and dehydrated meat snacks in the Netherlands. This is stepping up the pace for new sustainable product introductions and accelerating the expansion in new distribution channels.

Early 2023 Scholtus Group Holding acquired Big Creek Foods (www.bigcreekfoods.com), a successful producer of private label dehydrated meat snacks in Gainesville, Georgia, USA. The US market is more than double the size and usually a few years ahead of the European market. This way Scholtus can serve its customers better by implementing successful product innovations in Europe and in the USA both in semi moist as well as in meat snacks.

Our goal is to be the specialist and the best supplier to our customers, with supplying them winning concepts for healthy and innovative treats!

Safety Standards

Our customers are whole salers, pet specialty stores, supermarkets, discount stores and online stores. Therefore Scholtus adopted IFS and BRC 8 food standards. In the last seven years Scholtus has received high-level accreditations.

We value continuous training of our team throughout the company in order to be successful in delivering high quality products. Proper training allows us to have high standards both in food safety and in product quality.

We are a member of the Dutch Food Industry Companion Animals (NVG), the trade association of pet food manufacturers and importers in the Netherlands, which are part of the international association for Petfood, Fediaf. Click here for more information.


Scholtus Special Products B.V. plays a leading role in developing and supplying the highest quality, most healthy and innovative treats for dogs and cats, for all life stages.


Scholtus Special Products B.V. is a leader in snacks & treats for dogs and cats. We deliver high quality nutritious solutions for dog and cat and add value to our customers by supplying innovative products and concepts. Our methods include category management to support the best performance of our customers’ business.